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Look out world, you dont want to get in her way. I love the cheetah reference. Kinda like me at a buffet....

Keep it up !


Right on, sister!

We also need to pay the gift forward -- ie., give the DS our best, stay compliant, keep in touch with our surgeons, and keep providing data FOR THOSE WHO ARE STILL FIGHTING FOR IT ... so that they can point to the body of research and results that exists and say to the insurance companies and their lawyers, "Here's solid evidence for why *this* is the best choice for me!"

Here's to the DS and working it -- until medical science develops other options.


Amen, Kim!

I am going to print the following and post it on my wall:

"Here's the deal. Yes, you can have the DS and eat what you want and not follow the rules and you will [GASP] still lose weight. Will you get to 100% EWL?- no. Will you get to the made up goal that you set for yourself after you see that you are a slacker?-maybe. Will you keep the weight off?-no. You may even have a vast improvement in your health while other parts of your physical being are falling apart. Why on earth did you fight for approval, pay vast sums, undergo rigorous testing, risk your life, have major surgery and change your very anatomy to PISS it away eating junk?"


Exactly! Thanks for the pep talk and the finger wagging! An excellent way of looking at this. Although I am an LBer....it holds the same. I was given A GIFT! I worked hard for this gift and I was damn lucky to get this gift! I cannot lose sight of any of that...even on those rough days!

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