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Hey, Kim, you look wonderful! Glad things are going so well.

Listen, I happen to know that Starr, Sharon, Maureen, and others are on Facebook, as am I. Not as any coherent DS group, but we're out there, and it's a way of keeping in touch.

Are you on FB?


Hi Kim.....
Wow...I took a chance to see if you had posted recently (sometimes I need a good dose of motivation!) and here you are! You look wonderful---happy, healthy and glamorous! Love the dress!
What a wonderful way to spend an anniversary! Last year at this time, we were planning a cruise and that was my motivation. This year--no cruise. We're taking a 4 day winery trip in April for our anniversary so I'm using that to focus on (but since there's no bathing suits involved....). I'm still doing well but I'd love to speed up losing the remaining 10-15 pounds. Now that I'm 50, I'm getting a little more aware of how impatient I really am!!!!
You truly are an inspiration!
BTW...did Deluzy stop blogging? I wonder...
Take best of care and enjoy your cruise!!!


I'm so glad that I stopped in! You look great, as always. :-) I'm almost 4.5 years out and holding stead at 120-130, depending on the day. Now that I'm finished having kids (never thought I would say that as an Infertile pre-op!) I'd love to have skin removal but don't have insurance coverage for cosmetics. Ahh well, at least I feel a million times better!


Congrats Kim! And especially - GOLD STAR - for...

1. Staying on top of your labs.

2. Staying connected to your local support group.

3. Remembering where you came from.

I'm approaching my 7 year DS anniversary - and I find myself feeling reflective, as well. Let me tell you - keep talking to us! We need to stay connected - somehow - somewhere - and telling others what real life is like after DS.

Blessings as you continue on!

Maureen Ganz

Hey there Kim. I'm so happy to hear that things are going so well for you. I really miss our old group too. I occasionally lurk on the old OH board but to me it's just nothing like it was.

Enjoy your cruise and enjoy your new life!!! It's kinda hard to remember how big we once were isn't it?


Emma Wood

Hey, I've not written in a long time, but very happy that things are going so well for you :)

I took a photo every day of the 3 months when I was losing 4 stone and then my brother (who is an animator) put them together, check it out!! I'm so proud of it!


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