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There's something of the celebrity feel to Obama, I agree -- but I think to leave it at that misses the serendipity of many factors coming together around this election: the record of the GWB administration of the past 8 years, the U.S.'s tortured relationship with institutionalized and economic racism, its and Obama's own history and rise.

Sure, some folks hope he's an easy fix -- and that's not going to be true. They'll be disappointed. And Obama will make mistakes, and that will disillusion others.

But I disagree that he insulates himself with only a few advisors, and I trust his brain power and view of the world far more than W's. It's a leap of faith -- we'll see how it goes.



Uh, comparing W to Obama is like comparing Apples to Chevys. I didn't like W when he ran in 1999. I even had a bumpersticker that said, "W: How dumb is too dumb?"

I thought he was dumb, I still think he's dumb, but now I also think he's evil and incompetent. Look at the last eight years. My god. The government, this country is so fouled up it's beyond belief. But after W was elected I expected it.

I think people rallied around Obama because of his intellect, his composure, and his good ideas and policies, not because of his "rock star-ality." I think people admire him because he is going to be change, and it will be thoughtful and intelligent change. How much he is able to get done depends on the Congress and the people of this country. Do I think he is omniscient? No. Ridiculous.

I do know for sure that voting for McCain was voting for more of the same plus VP Miss Book-Burner-on-a-mission-for-god was the scariest thing I've seen in a long time--we dodged that bullet.

I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I have to completely disagree. I don't feel that Obama is insulated in any way.

Additionally, JFK only had one term in the senate and Abraham Lincoln only had half a term when they were elected. Some people are just naturally good at governing. I think Obama is one of those people and will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. I sure would hate to be proved wrong. This country can't take much more.




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