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I understand your dilemma. I think I'm a writer by nature so blogging seems to be something I do in an ongoing way, but it certainly isn't always (or even primarily) about the DS or weight any longer.

That's why I discontinued my first blog (Deluzy, Duodenally Switched) after a while but left it up as a reference source with a final message indicating that it was there for reference but no longer updated.

I, for one, would miss your updating because that's how I have some sense of where you're at. On the other hand, there's always email! ;)

Or a new blog with different parameters, including less frequent posting but still there for updates for virtual pals. You know, like ... "The Further Adventures of Slim Kim" or "Lawyer Chick" or ... you get the drift.

Terry in NC

Gee, I hope you will leave it up at the very least. I'm almost 2.5 years out. For me, one of the ones who is still adjusting, it is sad when those who made the journey have nothing else to say about it. For those of us who use RSS to keep up with your postings, it's okay if you almost never post; we still get the updates no matter how long it might be between posts. Maybe you would consider posting annually? A little keep-in-touch letter as it were?


Why don't you being a new blog called -- "The Other Side" and talk about what it's like to be on the other side of morbid obesity and talk just about life. You are a great writer. You are inspiring me to stick with my own weight loss journey.


Kim....Believe me, I get what you are saying! How much more can we pack into our days? (I ask this constantly!) Sometimes blogging is just "one more thing"! But please don't think you have nothing more to say! Even with your most recent post...when you say you have nothing at all to say....you actually said something every important! I found it extremely supportive and encouraging and inspiring to hear you say that soon your weight loss and your surgery takes a back to seat to just living your life. It's not weight, diet, protien, and surgery stuff 24/7/365 for all eternity! When it comes down to it--living our lives is what we all want to do! That's part of the reason why we got WLS!!! Even the words that you think don't matter DO!
I know, I know....I'm making you feel bad! Which, of course, is not my intent! In fact, my intent is quite the opposite! Just know that even when you are not "instructing" or sharing very specific information about your surgery itself or the program you follow--just by living your life, you are giving something very important to those of us who come by to read your blog.
Believe me, I am the last person who would ever think of encouraging someone to just do something "just because"! But, could I convince you to blog whenever you have a little time? I feel absolutely silly and incredibly selfish feeling sad to know that you'll be going away....never to return and asking you to stay!
Given all of that....even if your decision is to stop blogging...your journey itself is important and empowering. Not just the pictures (even though they are wonderful!). So, yeah...leaving your page up even if you never say another word would be great. And, if you happen to stop by to say HI...what a bonus that would be for those of us who stop by now and again!
All the best to you....with everything!


Kim, I hope you don't stop blogging and maybe want to consider Deluzy's recommendation. I know you have a lot of smart, insightful things to say about life, in general and Judi is right, it's important for us who are coming up behind you to see that it isn't always about the surgery, life goes on, often in many unexpected ways. I know this is a selfish recommendation because your blog was one of the first I read when I was researching the DS and luckily we live in the same area and have become friends so I get to know you personally, but I still always check your blog regularly to see what might be on your mind so I hope that you'll continue in some form or another.


"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

Bill Cosby

Do what's best for Kim.



Hey Kim - can you email me your plastic surgeon's name so I can get a consult? I'm still like 23 lbs from goal, but ready to look into it...thanks!
Danielle (windy hill support group)



Please don't stop blogging! I know you've lost the weight and achieved your goal, but there are so many people who are inspired by your success to change their own lives in the same way!

I'm obese, and started an extreme diet just a week ago that I'm blogging about here (http://www.watchingemmasweight.blogspot.com) and it was blogs like yours that finally pushed me into taking this step. Support is so important to online dieters, and if everyone who has been successful stops blogging then there aren't as many people who can tell the newbies that it is possible!!!

I hope you get the chance to check out my blog, I'm only a week in but I've lost 12lbs already and I've never been happier!!!

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