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Hey there, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the advice you gave. I would love to know more about your protein shake that you drink every morning. I am really trying hard to stay on top of everything as I do not want to have problems later. I have a really hard time finding a protein that I like. I am hoping that you may be able to help with that and offer some ideas.

I have looked at all your pictures and WOW !!!! you look great!!! You should be so proud of yourself and can;t wait till I can be a success story like yours.

Thanks again and be sure to visit again soon. I will do the same


If it's a midlife crisis, it's a good one! Happy Birthday to you and Happy New Career to you as well. The 40's are a breeze! I'm turning 50 in 5 months (count them.....5). I'm expecting the 50's to be even better (and thinner..yeah!).
Speaking of mid-life crisises, one day, when I was frustrated with work and ready to throw in the towel, I was imagining new wild careers (that have nothing to do with my current one that I've been in since getting out of grad school). So, I said to my 17 year old daughter...."Maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis....". She looked at me and said "Are you planning to live to be 100?" Hmmmm.....
All the best to you on your tour of 40!


forgot to ask you for the name/buying info on the 46 g protein shake that you have each morning. When you get a chance, I'd love to have that info! The power of protein!!!


Well good for you girl!!! Can't wait to hear how it's all working out - not that I have any doubts that you will rock :)

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