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You go, girl. You look fabulous, you're healthy, and you're an amazing role model on several different fronts (yes, you are).

Happy 3 years!



Happy Anniversary from your Banded lurker admirer! You've been a wonderful inspiration! Hope the big changes that are coming are exciting!
My 1 Bandiversary is coming up in August. In just this tiny space of time, my life has changed dramatically! Believe me, I remember the days when my life would revolve around the next meal.....! My life is no longer about being fat, it's about being alive!!!
Thanks for being "out here" and for posting every so often!
All the best to you! You look gorgeous!


Congrats, Kim! You are my hero!


Happy Anniversary my switch sister. Who knew we'd end up here :)

You look beautiful.

I lurk, I follow, I say very little. Deep down, without having met, I am so proud of you and I wish you only the best things in life. Thank you for the journey, and I will catch up shortly. You are an inspiration, and keep up the unbelievable effort. 36 months, that is great !!

Alex Costa - minimizeme.tv

I look at your pictures, AMAZING!!!
Congratulations for the good job and to be in shape.


You have inspired me. I am about four weeks away from RNY. Thank you for taking the time to write your feelings and thoughts.

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